EMOTIONAL HONESTY                                                                                    4 hours

After countless classes, workshops and critiques, we all lose our way, sometimes being overly influenced by others' techniques and preferences.  This workshop is designed with clear exercises, conversations and tools to help you efficiently re-identify your unique point of view and get you back on track.  This is the step by step check list you will grab whenever you find yourself drifting off course for years to come. â€‹

​DRAWING 101                                                                                                  4 hours

Your painting is only as good as the underlying drawing and yet it's where we are usually the weakest. This is a broad stroke workshop to strengthen your drawing skills by participating in extensive, quick exercises. 



Tuesdays                 10:00am-12:30pm             $28 per class    

 This class is an ongoing class  with a short break in the summer.

PERFECT for crazy schedules!                    

All levels of ability are welcome with most materials supplied. 

Basic and advanced drawing and painting techniques will be introduced while using

professional grade materials. Composition, color theory, values and critical thinking will be covered.


PAINTING FROM THE INSIDE OUT                                                                   4 hours

The journey continues...

This follow-up workshop to "Emotional Honesty" continues the examination of defining your personal voice.  When the emphasis is moved to representing the internal dialog rather than the external product you will find the justification for marks, shapes and color choices to shift.

Whether your painting style is representational, impressionistic or abstracted, pushing beyond traditional approaches with a series of exercises before you put brush to the canvas will help you stay on message, keep your palette clean and keep the emotional integrity the priority of your work.

CHARCOAL, THE FORGOTTEN MEDIUM                                                          4 hours

​By limiting the medium and color choice, the artist  concentrates  solely on shape, value and emotional intent to communicate their message. While exploring different types of charcoal, various tools and techniques compositions and the importance of values will be reinforced for all your artwork.

Laurel has run workshops offsite and at Clark Studio. Below is a listing of workshops she offers. If you or your organization is interested in hosting or attending a workshop, please contact Clark Studio via email at 

ADULT CRITIQUE SESSION                   90 minutes                                    $50.00

This is an opportunity, when working on your own, to check in and have a conversation about your direction, technique and goals. This has been especially helpful to artists that are transitioning to new level in their work, struggling with a certain hurdle or is exploring a new medium. Some artists like to have the feedback sometimes every eight weeks and some once or twice a year.